Information Driven Application

Below is a prototype of my Insurance Insights application using the Information Driven Application framework. This application is built using the Standard Insurance Data Model. Information Driven Application Architecture Concept

MongoDB with Tibco Spotfire, MicroStrategy Desktop, and Tableau

MongoDB is classified as a NoSQL database. It is cross-platform document-oriented , and supports JSON-like data structures for ease of integration with JSON-based applications. In this post, I will attempt to build a sandbox MongoDB, and load it with some sample relational data sets from MySQL for use with the visualization tools Tibco Spotfire Desktop […]

Data Integration in BI 2.0

Current ETL/ELT Framework ETL/ELT has so far been an integral component in BI implementations of all sizes. Its sole purpose is to capture, synthesize, and consolidate data from a wide variety of enterprise sources. Its ultimate goal is to manage a centralized data store from which the business users can draw insights to monitor, and […]

Migrate Hyperion Interactive Reports v11.1.2.4 to OBIEE v11.1.1.7

This post intends to provide an assessment to determine if the Hyperion Translation Workbench could play a role in the migration of Hyperion IR assets to the target OBIEE Follow this link for more information on the Translation Workbench Below are the technical characteristics of the software components involved in this exercise Hyperion […]

Hyperion Interactive Reporting Sandbox Setup

This post is intended to provide the steps needed to build a sandbox environment to try out the Hyperion Interactive Reporting (IR) in preparation for a migration to the Oracle OBIEE 11/12 Analytics. For background information on Hyperion IR, go to this link The sandbox to be set up will be hosted in a […]

IBM dashDB & Cloud-based Cognos Analytics

This post provides a quick look at the Data & Analytics offering from IBM Bluemix. A round-trip exercise on the IBM dashDB illustrated here will include Register with IBM Bluemix to obtain your personal IBM ID Select and set up the dashDB database instance from the Bluemix Data & Analytics category Create a test table […]

PowerCenter Express ETL Tool

This post is a follow-up from the other post on the Talend ETL tool. The current version of the PowerCenter Express tool provides support to a limited number of database platforms only (e.g. no MySQL of all kinds yet – Community, Enterprise, Amazon Aurora, etc.). However, it is sufficient enough to handle your simple data […]

Talend ETL Tool

There might be plenty of free ETL tools out there but they come with either A challenging installation process (e.g. SpagoBI ETL), or A demanding footprint in terms of disk space, and memory (e.g. Oracle Data Integrator) on your regular desktop/laptop specs, or A restricted open-source/community licensing (e.g. RapidMiner) that would prevent you from owning […]

Data Modeling with Michael Jackson JSD

In the world of BI/DW, we sometimes have to put an end-to-end architecture together starting either by identifying the performance metrics, or some of the existing legacy artifacts (reports, screenshots, etc.), that we want to collect and monitor first, ¬†or by compiling an inventory of the data available to us, and then see what metrics […]

Configure SQL Server Connection in Cognos 10.2

You have tried Oracle, MySQL so far in Cognos 10.2. Let’s configure another popular data source for Cognos. When your environment uses the default instance name MSSQLSERVER Copy the appropriate Oracle jdbc driver to the Cognos directories outlined in this post IBM Cognos 10.2 evaluation Launch your Cognos Administration via this URL http://localhost:19300/p2pd/servlet/dispatch (replace localhost […]