Data Integration in BI 2.0

Current ETL/ELT Framework ETL/ELT has so far been an integral component in BI implementations of all sizes. Its sole purpose is to capture, synthesize, and consolidate data from a wide variety of enterprise sources. Its ultimate goal is to manage a centralized data store from which the business users can draw insights to monitor, and […]

PowerCenter Express ETL Tool

This post is a follow-up from the other post on the Talend ETL tool. The current version of the PowerCenter Express tool provides support to a limited number of database platforms only (e.g. no MySQL of all kinds yet – Community, Enterprise, Amazon Aurora, etc.). However, it is sufficient enough to handle your simple data […]

Talend ETL Tool

There might be plenty of free ETL tools out there but they come with either A challenging installation process (e.g. SpagoBI ETL), or A demanding footprint in terms of disk space, and memory (e.g. Oracle Data Integrator) on your regular desktop/laptop specs, or A restricted open-source/community licensing (e.g. RapidMiner) that would prevent you from owning […]