Configure MySQL Connection in Cognos 10.2

Let’s us configure Cognos to connect to MySQL databases so we can check out pretty good features and capabilities  provided by the latest IBM Cognos 10.2.


  • Copy the appropriate Oracle jdbc driver to the Cognos directories outlined in this post IBM Cognos 10.2 evaluation
  • Launch your Cognos Administration via this URL http://localhost:19300/p2pd/servlet/dispatch (replace localhost with the name of your machine as appropriate)
  • Highlight the ‘Configuration‘ tab, and select the ‘New Data Source‘ icon as shown in the following screenshot


  • Enter the name of the connection, e.g. rdwMySQL, and proceed to define the type of driver as shown below


  • Enter the connection information with the correct host name, port number, and the database specific to your test environment. The class name will be detected automatically based on the MySQL jdbc driver you have added to the Cognos p2d application library earlier.


  • Click ‘Test the connection…‘ to validate your configuration. You should get a confirmation back from Cognos such as shown below.


You should now be all set to connect to MySQL from any of the Cognos tools such as Report Studio, Framework Manager, etc.

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