IBM Cognos 10.2

IBM Cognos is another excellent platform for data analysis, reports, and dashboards. It is ranked just behind SAS, and SAP according to the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2016. You can download an evaluation copy to try out all of the tool’s features and capabilities against your real-life datasets. Below are the installation steps that you would need to perform.

FYI: The specs of the sandbox laptop I used for this installation is Windows 10, 16GB RAM, 1TB Disk, 8 Core CPU i7

  • Download software at
  • Unzip to C:\dload\IBM\cognosDevTrial
  • Change directory to C:\dload\IBM\cognosDevTrial\winx64h
  • Right click on issetup.exe and run as Administrator
  • Follow the installation instructions to get the base software installed to a local directory such as C:\IBM\CognosTrial
  • Once the above installation is done successfully, you will be redirected to the Cognos Manager URL http://localhost:19300/manager.
  • When you are here, click on Finish to finalize the installation.cognosFinishcognosConfig
  • The ‘Event Messages’ panel on the right of the above screenshot will show you the status and progress for each of the Cognos components being installed.
  • When the last installation is done, you can verify from Services that the following three new Cognos Windows services should be shown in Running status.
    • Informix IDS – cm_ids_svr_custom
    • Informix IDS Message Service
    • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Developer Trial Edition

The software will come with two sample Informix databases, GoSales, and GoSalesDW that you can use to build your test reports, and dashboards. However, should you wish to connect to your own test databases, follow the steps shown below to configure additional jdbc drivers.

FYI – You can download the appropriate drivers from JDBC Drivers

  • Obtain the appropriate jdbc drivers
  • Copy all the relevant jar files to C:\IBM\CognosTrial\webapps\p2pd\WEB-INF\lib, and C:\IBM\CognosTrial\FM\webapps\p2pd\WEB-INF\lib
  • Restart the Windows service IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Developer Trial Edition


You are now ready to play with the new IBM Cognos 10.2!

You can go here for documentation, and tutorials

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