Install OBIEE 12C on Windows 10

Just in case you want to try out the new Oracle Business Intelligence Suite OBIEE 12C on Windows 10 OS, below are the steps you would likely need.


You can download the necessary software from Oracle


You might also need the JDK 1.8 if you do not have it yet on your PC/Laptop.

You will also need an Oracle database schema to house the repository needed by OBIEE 12C. In my installation, I used a pluggable database pdborcl in an Oracle 12 instance.

The specs of the sandbox laptop I used for this installation is Windows 10, 16GB RAM, 1TB Disk, 8 Core CPU i7

  • Install your JDK 1.8 to c:\java\jdk18 if needed.
  • Unzip the Web Logic file to c:\dload\OBIEE12\WebLogic (or any directory of your choice) to get the install file fmw_12.
  • Unzip the OBIEE 12C zip files (, and¬† to c:\dload\OBIEE12\install. When done, you should see setup_bi_platform-, and
  • Run cmd.exe as Administrator
  • Change directory to c:\dload\OBIEE12\WebLogic, and enter command c:\java\jdk18\bin\java.exe -jar fmw_12. to install Web Logic to c:\obiee12\weblogic
  • Change directory to c:\dload\OBIEE12\install, and run setup_bi_platform- to install the OBIEE software. When you are asked for the location of the Web Logic software, enter c:\obiee12\weblogic (see Step 5 above) so they can share the same code base between them.
  • Install RCU so you can configure OBIEE 12C later. Change directory to c:\OBIEE12\WebLogic\oracle_common\bin , and run rcu.bat



  • You are now ready to configure the OBIEE 12C domain. From your command line window, change directory to c:\obiee12\weblogic\bi\bin and run config.cmd
  • When you are asked whether to create a new schema for OBIEE meta tables (OBIEE Step¬† 5 of 9), opt for ‘Use Existing Schema’ and set the value of Prefix to DEV


  • In Step 6 of 9 of the above OBIEE installation, you would likely select the ‘Oracle sample application (SampleAppLite)’ so you can have something to test everything out later.


  • Then just wait for the installation to finish (it took close to 2 hours on my Laptop!)

When everything installed successfully, it will automatically take you to the home page http://localhost:9502/analytics. You are now all set from here, and can start exploring all the good stuff in OBIEE 12C.


You can manually start everything at C:\OBIEE12\WebLogic\user_projects\domains\bi2\bitools\bin\start.cmd

Below are the main OBIEE Entry Points:

WebLogic Console: http://localhost:9500/console

Fusion Middleware Control: http://localhost:9500/em

BI Analytics: http://localhost:9502/analytics

BI Publisher: http://localhost:9502/xmlpserver


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