Data Integration in BI 2.0

Current ETL/ELT Framework ETL/ELT has so far been an integral component in BI implementations of all sizes. Its sole purpose is to capture, synthesize, and consolidate data from a wide variety of enterprise sources. Its ultimate goal is to manage a centralized data store from which the business users can draw insights to monitor, and […]

PowerCenter Express ETL Tool

This post is a follow-up from the other post on the Talend ETL tool. The current version of the PowerCenter Express tool provides support to a limited number of database platforms only (e.g. no MySQL of all kinds yet – Community, Enterprise, Amazon Aurora, etc.). However, it is sufficient enough to handle your simple data […]

Talend ETL Tool

There might be plenty of free ETL tools out there but they come with either A challenging installation process (e.g. SpagoBI ETL), or A demanding footprint in terms of disk space, and memory (e.g. Oracle Data Integrator) on your regular desktop/laptop specs, or A restricted open-source/community licensing (e.g. RapidMiner) that would prevent you from owning […]

Data Modeling with Michael Jackson JSD

In the world of BI/DW, we sometimes have to put an end-to-end architecture together starting either by identifying the performance metrics, or some of the existing legacy artifacts (reports, screenshots, etc.), that we want to collect and monitor first, ¬†or by compiling an inventory of the data available to us, and then see what metrics […]

Configure MySQL Connection in Cognos 10.2

Let’s us configure Cognos to connect to MySQL databases so we can check out pretty good features and capabilities¬† provided by the latest IBM Cognos 10.2.   Copy the appropriate Oracle jdbc driver to the Cognos directories outlined in this post IBM Cognos 10.2 evaluation Launch your Cognos Administration via this URL http://localhost:19300/p2pd/servlet/dispatch (replace localhost […]

Configure Oracle 12g Connection in Cognos 10.2

This post is a follow-up discussion after the initial installation of the new IBM Cognos 10.2 evaluation software. Below are the steps that help you configure a Cognos connection to connect to an Oracle database. I am using the Oracle 12g database in this example, but it should also be applicable to the other Oracle […]

IBM Cognos 10.2

IBM Cognos is another excellent platform for data analysis, reports, and dashboards. It is ranked just behind SAS, and SAP according to the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2016. You can download an evaluation copy to try out all of the tool’s features and capabilities against your real-life datasets. Below are the installation steps that you would […]

Install OBIEE 12C on Windows 10

Just in case you want to try out the new Oracle Business Intelligence Suite OBIEE 12C on Windows 10 OS, below are the steps you would likely need. Notes: You can download the necessary software from Oracle You might also need the JDK 1.8 if you do not have it yet on your PC/Laptop. […]